Friday, July 31, 2009

Rise Above

Woww..its really a long time I'm not updated this blog..too busy having a life & handling all work on my desk..!! And when I have free time to update this blog, (which is not too free) seem I don't have any idea to write... So then i prefer updated status on facebook .. short & simple.. too many things happen to me in a month.. I have been through many memorable moments, happy, sad, angry, mad, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, being manipulated or even get sick with my job & people around me but after all I gone through, I'll stand with all my fave quotation such as... :

"ignorance is bliss"

"what goes around comes around"

"anything happens for a reason"

"sometimes good comes with a little sadness"

"not everybody got what their deserve & not every dream comes true"

So thats I'll understand...I'm not deserve to be sad, angry or mad of what happens to me. Maybe Allah have a better plan to me in future and I believed in that.


Great Songs From Frequency Cannon


I curse your eyes that stare at me
Not blinking
for a speck of empathy
Hey yeah

Push me down and crack my dreams
Break me
You think you can do better than that?
Hey yeah

Eat it
Fill your hunger
Your endeavour
to rise above the rest

Reach out
Are you burning?
Are you yearning
to rise above the rest?

And twist around just for that feeling
Can you taste it?
Some kind of ecstasy
Hey yeah

And this time Iâ€ve gone wiser, brighter
I’m gonna eat your mother
Call her now baby
Hey yeah

Reach out
Are you burning?
Are you yearning
to rise above the rest?